photo by Anke Teunissen


"For its mix of media and its sheer originality, daring and ambition, "Wax & Wayne" has no rival. And as a testament to what artists will do for the sake of art, it certainly pushes the envelope. Eat your heart out, Madame Tussaud....Highly Recommended."
by Hedy Weiss
Chicago Sun-Times ]

"...a theatrical ode to the pleasures of playing
with wax...Critics Choice"
by Chris Jones
Chicago Tribune ]

"A profoundly meditative and inspiring performance piece..."
by Lucia MauroChicago Theater ]

"Probably the most incredible sight on any stage this year occurred during Local Infinites' Wax & Wayne."
by Mary Houlihan Chicago Sun-Times ]

"...breathtaking in its intertwined intelligence and emotional openness...an intriguing, smart, wholly accessible meditation on creative identity, power, transformation and sacrifice. Critic's Choice"
by Kerry Reid [ Chicago Reader ]

So go to be amazed, go to be amused.
by Jonathan Abarbanel [ Windy City Times ]

"Would you like a finger?"
by Kate Zambreno New City ]

...de geestige, zeer visueel ingestelde voorstelling.
by Elsbeth Jongsma The Dome ]

'Yeah! Ik ben een theatermaker!'
by Elsbeth Jongsma The Dome ]


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