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Q & A With Kennedy Greenrod

Is this your first Local Infinities show? What other Local Infinities shows have you been involved with?
Yes this is the first, although I have collaborated with Sage Reed (Designer) before.

Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
I was born in Newcastle, England. I moved to the States when I was 17. I went to the University of California at Berkeley. I have had no theatrical training at all. I started playing music in my twenties and I’ve been performing in “rock” bands for a number of years.

What other theatrical or creative projects have you worked on?
I have worked with Burlesque Tartare twice, I was the devilish MC for a Halloween show and wrote and performed a song for a piece by Sage Reed. I am the founder and song writer in the group The Thin Man.

What aspect of Corpus Delicti are you most looking forward to?
I had never heard or read Mr. Selzer before and I really enjoyed the monologue that was based on his writings. Obviously seeing the finished cadaver with organs of fruit and vegetables will be amazing. The cast members have unearthed a huge amount of research for the project and generated a great deal of connective tissue between anatomy, food, seeing, moral and physical boundaries… It could be very provocative.

What/who are your creative influences?
Tom Waits, Egon Schiele, Johnny Cash, Francois Truffaut, Louis-Ferdinand, Celine

How would you describe your working process?
I get a little idea, a snatch of melody, a way of phrasing something and stare at it until it develops more limbs, chip away it until it seems finished.

What's your favorite color?

What books do you like to read?
Celine, Fante, Knut Hamsun, Conrad

What about movies?
The Big Sleep, 400 Blows, L’Attelante, Fassbinder, Ozon

Favorite Halloween horror flick?
Eyes without a Face

Favorite Halloween costume?

What music you like to listen to?
The Fall, tangos, The Kinks, gypsy music, Dylan

Name three dead people you’d really like to meet.
Serge Gainsbourg, Hitler, Dali

Any pet peeves?
Shopping malls of all sizes, tasteless fruit and veg, narrow-mindedness

Unusual talents or party tricks?
I blow a mean smoke ring

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