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Rituals of Surgery
Mortal Lessons: notes on the art of surgery
Confessions of a Knife
Taking the World in for Repairs
Down From Troy: a memoir
Imagine a Woman
The Exact Location of the Soul
The Doctor Stories
The Whistlers' Room


Feature Article

Dr. Richard Selzer

Corpus Delicti: Just Desserts is inspired by a number of texts on the topics of art, anatomy and the Enlightenment. A substantial portion of the script is adapted from Mortal Lessons by Richard Selzer.

Richard Selzer (Source Text, Author of Mortal Lessons) Surgeon and writer Richard Selzer (b. 1928, Troy, New York) was educated at Union college, Albany Medical College, and Yale University. He practiced surgery in New Haven, Connecticut, for thirty-one years until retiring in 1985 to write full time. His eleven books, including Mortal Lessons and Raising the Dead, contain essays, shorts stories, plays, and memoirs written in a deft and metaphorical style, making them suitable for use in medical school training as well as in the English classroom. Dr. Selzer, a popular lecturer and teacher of writing, is currently working on three-volumes of his diaries, A Mile and a Half of Ink. He will soon release an early novel, Knife/Song/Korea as well as his greatly anticipated Letters and a biography.

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