Artistic Director

Photo by Brian McConkey
photo by Brian McConkey
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MEGHAN STRELL is the Artistic director of Local Infinities Visual Theater. As a theater maker who uses symbolic language to reveal simple truths, she draws from her experience with a wide range of theatrical forms in making new work. She is particularly fascinated by the behavior of natural materials and how we recognize ourselves in them. By studying the essence of materials and working with them on stage, she endeavors to shed light on human existence through metaphor.

Meghan is currently a member of Mucca Pazza, a 30 piece circus-punk marching band. In 2002-03, Meghan portrayed Wax in Local Infinities acclaimed production of Wax & Wayne and in 2005-06 she toured operating theaters with Corpus Delicti: Just Deserts. In January 2005 she curated a festival of visual performance at Links Hall; she was an Artistic Associate in 2004-05, an Artist in Residence in 2008-09 and served on the Programming Committee from 2005-09. Meghan worked with Redmoon Theater for ten years, collaborating on numerous productions including their 2004 spectacle in Ping Tom Park, Sink, Sank, Sunk. Meghan has also performed with The Odd Company (Maine), Curious Theater Branch, Walkabout Theater, the Fulton Opera House, and has directed for the Organic Theater Greenhouse. Meghan has a BFA in Performance from the Theater School at DePaul.

Artistic Director, Co-Founder 1996